Rosepath Phone Sleeper #4

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Rosepath Phone Sleeper #4

You need to write three emails. You are finally learning to shuffle a deck of cards. You are speaking to a friend about their recent experience skydiving with their teenage son. You are concentrating on the breath like they say you should. So stop looking at your phone for a bit. Put it in a Phone Sleeper. There it is. Sleeping.

To make this vegan 4.5 x 7-inch Phone Sleeper I wove some cottons in a rosepath twill on my Leclerc Nilus Floor Loom, then sewed it together on our new sewing machine (a Pfaff Smarter 160s), where I also made the very soft lining which I hand-sewed in with a needle and thread. It likely took around 2 hours to make? Hard to say. We are charging 43 Canadian dollars for it, plus shipping and so on. No pressure. You can also easily make one yourself with materials at hand. Phone Sleepers for all.

(pictured: iPhone 13)

One of a kind, forty three Canadian dollars.

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