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Phone Sleeper 5

  • Phone Sleeper 5
  • Phone Sleeper 5

You need to write three emails. You are finally learning to shuffle a deck of cards. You are speaking to a friend at a coffee shop about their recent experience skydiving with their teenage son. You are concentrating on the breath like they say you should. So stop looking at your phone for a bit. Put it in a Phone Sleeper. There it is. Sleeping.

I (J) made this 7 x 4.25 inch Phone Sleeper by weaving some Peruvian highland wool on my Leclerc Nilus Floor Loom, then I sewed it together on our new sewing machine (a Pfaff Smarter 160s), where I also made the cotton lining, which I then hand-sewed in with a needle and thread. I will guess it took around 2 hours to make? We are charging 43 Canadian dollars for it, plus shipping. No pressure.

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