Phone Sleeper 3

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Phone Sleeper 3

Hey what are you looking for on your phone right now? A good new podcast? There aren’t any I just checked. Are you googling the middle name of Arnold Horschack from the 70s sitcom "Welcome Back, Kotter" again? No need, I know that one, it is “Dingfelder.” Maybe you should put that thing in your Phone Sleeper and take a little break. You’ll know where it is, right there, but you can spend say 15 minutes not needing to pick it up every time something passes through your head. Maybe you want to drink a glass of sparkling water or do some stretches or try to memorize your Social Insurance Number. It isn’t going to change, you have it for life. Seems weird not to know what it is.

I (J) made this 6.5 x 4 inch Phone Sleeper by weaving some Peruvian highland wool and some gifted cotton on my Leclerc Nilus Floor Loom, then I sewed it together on our new sewing machine (a Pfaff Smarter 160s), where I also made the cotton lining, which I then hand-sewed in with a needle and thread. It likely took around 2 hours to make? We are charging 43 Canadian dollars for it, plus shipping. No pressure.

(iPhone 13 pictured)

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